Grand Prix "Athena"
Step into the River, by Weijia Ma, France - China
2nd Prize
The Sausage Run, by Thomas Stellmach, Germany
3rd Prize
Daily Bread / Pan de cada día, by Manuel Sirgo, Spain
Special Mention
Have a Nice Dog!, by Jalal Maghout, Germany
Insect / Insekt, by Marcin Podolec, Poland
The drowned, by luc perez, Denmark
The Pillar Of Strength, by Ayie Ibrahim, Malaysia
Monkey Domino / Affendomino, by Ulf Grenzer, Germany
URSA - The song of the Northern Lights, by Natalia Malykhina, Norway


1st Prize
Life expectancy / Un mal pour un bien, by Léanne Pfeiffer, Samuel Desert, Maxime Liquard, Enola Durand, Olivier Radola, Maëlys Poulet, Clément Estrade, Quentin Wallaert, France
2nd Prize
Sounds between the crowns, by Filip DIVIAK, Czech Republic
3rd Prize
Broken Potato / 坏掉的土豆, by Water(税源), China
Special Mention
Cut it out, by Inez Kristina, Denmark
Tales of the Salt Water / Chroniques de l’eau salée, by Tamerlan BEKMURZAYEV, Antoine CARRE, Rodrigo GOULÃO DE SOUSA, Alexandra PETIT, Martin ROBIC, France
Vandals, by Romain Beauchamp, Julien Bédu, Mehdi Cochet, Mathilde Dupuich, Zélie Jarasson, Oriane Leyrat, Sylvain Vermesse., France
À l'article de l'Amour, by Clara Duvert, Margot Chauchoy, Cédric Bagein, Laure Maitrehenry, Mattéo Martinez, Julien Cabezas, France
A Poem by Alba, by Yoo Lee, USA
Downfall, by Rona Fayad, Lebanon
Journey in amnesia / Voyage en amnésie, by Anouk Kilian-Debord, Belgium
Pinocchio, by Valentin Clauzon, Guillaume Collin, Paul Goubet, Stella Jullian, Loïc Lemoine, Théo Miramon, Aymeric Richard, Laura Salomoni, France
THE CLEARING, by Daniel Hope, United Kingdom


1st Prize
2nd Prize
Echo, by Sergio Kotsovoulos, Greece
3rd Prize
FROM THE BALCONY, by Aris Kaplanidis, Greece
Special Mention
Lost & Found, by Vivian Papageorgiou, Greece
The Knight's Hart, by Vivi Markatos, Greece
Egg / Öndög, by Chryssa Voudouri, Greece
Elevator Alone, by Anastasia Papadopoulou, Greece


1st Prize
The blind writer / L’écrivain aveugle, by Georges Sifianos, Greece
2nd Prize
Journal Entry, by Robert Gordon Campbell, USA
3rd Prize
Reparations, by Wilson Andres Borja, Colombia
Special Mention
Blind Spot / Angle Mort, by Lotfi Achour, Tunisia
Spectral Rainbow Frequency, by Hüseyin Hüseyin Erverdi, Turkey
KALEIDOSCOPIC NERVES, by Piet Koster, Netherlands
Music Award
Once I passed, by Martin Gerigk, Germany
Otonashi, by Martin Gerigk, Germany


To ESMA - École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques

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