Grand Prix "Athena"
La Calesita, by Augusto Schillaci, Argentina
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
The Encounter, by Aleksandra Krivolutskaia, Russia
Special Mention
Interior / Интериор, by Anna Haralampieva, Bulgaria
Me and Me, by ChiuLing Chen, Taiwan
Mimi and Lisa - Garden, by Katarína Kerekesová, Ivana Šebestová, Slovakia
SHOAH Bernard Ores, by Baptiste Drapeau, France
The antiquary / O Antiquário, by Manuel Matos Barbosa, Portugal
Xiao Huang-Huang / 小黄黄, by Jiangyue Xu, China
Cockroaches, by Adel Khan Faroog, Norway
Piece of Solitude, by Elaheh Ghomeishi, Iran
PRIMAL HUNT, by Barna Nemethi, Romania
The Lighthouse / El Faro, by Mauricio Esparza, Luis Angel Esparza, Peru
The Sphere / Sfera, by Manuel Sumberac, Croatia
Music Award


1st Prize
Tardes de Verano, by Garazi Feliu, Ander Lizarraga, Oihane Abete, Candela Gutierrez, Iñigo Sanchez, Spain
2nd Prize
The Draft, by Amaury DANA, Luc DELBOS, Emeline DESCLAUX, Sébastien JOUSSET, Alice MOQUET, Théo REMARK, Raphaël TADDIA, Arthur VIATGÉ, France
3rd Prize
In his Mercy / In seiner Gnade, by Christoph Büttner, Germany
Special Mention
Ariadne, by Danay Gijzen, Switzerland
Tall Order, by Christophe Bouchard, United States of America
The Moonseeker, by Diana Blázquez Martín, Katherine Galley, United Kingdom
TRAJECTOIRE, by BEGUIN Guillaume, ESQUER Brice, HURTAK Nathalie, LAYRE Noemie, LONGO Serena, ROUSSEAU Leon, SAVARIT-BODIN Allan, WALLEZ Clement, France
Wonderfully Made, by , Australia
LIGHTS, by Adél Palotás, Hungary
Nool / נול, by May Grosman, Israel
ROALD, by BIGACHE Clara, CHAVALLE Laurent, CHENE Julie, CHOPINET Thibault, GAUCHERON Armand, LHEUREUX Alexis, PRONE Maxime, France
The Cicada and Its Mantis, by Anna Eleni Hatzopoulos, United States
Music Award
Undertaker, by Peggu Tataru, United Kingdom


2nd Prize
A Night at the Cemetery, by Stelios Polychronakis, Greece
3rd Prize
Pink Mountain, by Thomas Kunstler, Greece


1st Prize
ESTUARY, by Warren Bass, United States of America
2nd Prize
THANATOS, by Atsuhiko Watanabe, France
3rd Prize
Planets and robots, by Julius Zubavičius, Antanas Skucas, Lithuania
Special Mention
The birth of the unicorn XXII, by Christina Sarli, Greece
The Music that you play, by Nikolaus Jantsch, Austria
About Dam and Hofit, by Gali Blay, Leila Zelli, Canada
Stay, by Yu Sun, United Kingdom
THE RADIANCE OF ETERNITY, by Maurice Micallef, Malta
Music Award
tears tears tears, by Ewa Maria Wolska, Poland


To ESMA - École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques

To University of Bournemouth / UK

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