Official Selection

Planets and robots

3rd Prize Experimental

Lithuania 2023
Duration: 05:32
Directed by: Julius Zubavičius, Antanas Skucas
Screenplay: Artificial Intelligence
Animation: Antanas Skucas
Technique: Artificial Intelligence
Music: Julius Zubavicius
Production/School: Julius Zubavicius, Antanas Skučas
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

Film is generated by AI for humans. Don’t worry humans are creative and better than AI. You are the ones who will always have the upper hand, because you have the ability to imagine, to feel, to love. Thank you for existing. IDEA: We want to highlight the changes in artistic self expression of humanity. Exponentially more capable AI tools are replacing countless hours of artististic labor with a prompted result almost instantly. Ever increasing ability to mimic human behaviour creates daunting and curious, sometimes funny results. This film is an imprint in time, a documentation of this technology in its infancy stage. Interestingly enough it's already not easy to decipher AI art from that of a human artist. This is portrayed through AI generated visual art and narrative bult from conversations with it. Film is made to create a natural curiosity about this technology and its relationship with human. Technical information: All images were generated by AI, but animated by human(after effects). Text were generated by AI and adopted to fit idea. Some part of music are also generated by Ai, but mostly composed by Julius Zubavičius.

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