Official Selection

The Encounter

3rd Prize Short

Russia 2022
Duration: 05:52
Directed by: Aleksandra Krivolutskaia
Screenplay: Aleksandra Krivolutskaia
Animation: Aleksandra Krivolutskaia, Kristina Poplavskaya, Yulia Melnik, Ksenia Agafonova, George Starostin, Maria Koneva, Aleksandra Deeva, Maria Rakitina, Aleksandra Toporkova, Elizaveta Astretsova
Technique: Hand-drawn
Music: Alexey Arkhipovsky
Production/School: Nikolay Makovsky
Dialogue language: No dialogue

A young woman returns to her empty childhood home and is confronted with memories in which her late mum was always there for her. She manages to bat the memories away, but only up to a point. It is a lyrical film about the powerful feeling that seemingly completely insignificant objects from our childhood evoke in us.

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