Official Selection

Mr Flower

France 2022
Duration: 06:15
Directed by: Sarah MAC--MOAL / Camille VASSEUR / Lea GALLOT DUVERGER / Julie HUGONNARD-COTTON / Romain PIGEON / Leila ROSAZ / Apolline GOUILLIER / Elodie SIMONI
Dialogue language: English

Fleeing the village, Milo, an orphan meets Monsieur Flower, a peculiar being growing flowers. The creature accepts him and teach him to take care of plants. A friendship grows between them as they learn to know each other. One day, Monsieur Flower plucks the flowers for his weekly distribution, including Milo's flower. This puts the boy in a mad rage, leading him to destroy the life flower of his friend, turning him into a pile of mud. Milo, regretting his mistake, has to take over the mission of his mentor.

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