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ViciousCircle / 恶性循环

United States of America 2022
Duration: 11:07
Directed by: tianyun lyu
Screenplay: tianyun lyu
Animation: direct animation
Technique: direct animation
Production/School: tianyun lyu
Dialogue language: Chinese
Subtitles language: Chinese English

Vicious Circle is an experimental documentary animation about my relationship with my mother. The audio consists of a recorded conversation between me and my grandmother. My grandmother speaks openly about her relationship with her daughter (my mother.) During the conversation my grandmother explains how she sent my mother to someone else's house for foster care because she could not afford to care for her. My grandmother explains their current complicated relationship. My grandmother's lack of love for my mother resulted in my mothers exerting extreme control over me. This vicious cycle was a result of actions brought about by the family between three generations. The film uses celluloid film as the main form of animation, and utilizes a large number of photo collage sequences to illustrate the tragedy of two generations of mothers and daughters.

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