Student 5

Saturday 19/03/2022 10:00 - 12:00 - Athens Animfest 2022 Official Screening
Saturday 19/03/2022 22:00 - 00:00 - Athens Animfest 2022 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 01:44:17

  1. Tigerpool Operation 06:46
  2. France 2021
    Directed by: Corentin BALTHAZARD, Hans VRIGNAULT, Rayan BAKRI, Antoine JOLY, Alessio BALLERINI, Louis CLAIREFOND, Hong Hoa DOAN NGOC.
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: English

    Sent from the England Spy Master Agency, Agent Selfish must stop the nefarious villain Igoritskov Papalumpa and his army of... WATERPROOF TIGERZ! But what the Agent uncovers at the evil lair is far more than what he was prepared for…

  3. Molly and her Cat 06:10
  4. France 2021
    Directed by: CABARET Annabelle, DAMIN Lucie, DUBOIS Emmanuel-Xuân, LAFFAIRE Chloé, MAN Yifang, MILCENT Clarisse
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: French

    Molly is enjoying her summer holidays, her grandmother decides to give her a kitten. The feline happens to be more intrusive than expected.

  5. MIYUKI 05:38
  6. France 2021
    Directed by: Emma Biasci, Merlin Delcher, Aurélie Duret, Camille Garlaschi, Lucas Léonard, Marla Oriol, Audrey Peyrucain, Thibault Verrier
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Miyuki, a young woman who dreams of freedom and escape, is lead beyond the known world by an enchanted origami.

  7. Merry Big Mess 06:46
  8. France 2021
    Directed by: Sacha Gosselin, Ambre Bohin, Timothé ballan, Amaury Emond, Hugo Joron, Arthur Morle, Antoine Tomasi, Clémence Van Gout
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: English

    On christmas night, Santa claus makes his round as usual. But this night, he has to face an unusual household ; one that does not seem to be waiting for any gifts.

  9. Luna 25 08:32
  10. France 2021
    Directed by: BEAUSSANT Maxime, BUSCAIL Thomas, DUBOURG Anaële, FIORENTINI William, HUMBERT Ander, LAYÉ Arnaud, RAUNER Lola, SOULIER Rémy
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: Russian

    In 1972, two russian cosmonauts are on a mission on the Moon to bring back Helium 3. One of them makes an incredible discovery and has to make a choice while solar winds are coming toward him.

  11. The Secret Of Mona Lisa 05:42
  12. France 2021
    Directed by: Dylan ANTONIO MOTA, Anaïs BLANCQUART, Lisa BELAIR, Orlane COLIN, Ferdinand FRANÇOIS, Inès HAZM, Andréa LAFFONT, Grégoire LAHOUSSE

    Valeska and Salma take out the children from their district to Le Louvre. They're beeing refused the access because they don't have the "right outfits". So they decide to steal Mona Lisa. After stolen Mona Lisa, Valeska and Salma try to escape without beeing caught by the Gardien, busy doing his nails.

  13. The Projectionist 07:00
  14. France 2021
    Directed by: Benjamin Benedetti, Margot Busnel, Quentin Destais, Pierre Lanson, Heloïse Sauvageot, Mathis Zweideck
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: French

    In 1930, Suzanne, a 7 year old girl, has the gift of projecting her memories through her eyes. Helped by her grandfather Lucien, she tries to master her gift.

  15. Kreiz Ar Mor 05:01
  16. France 2021
    Directed by: Aurélie Arnoux, Louis Even, Sasha Hequet, Victoire Jauzion, Luca Kraether, Luc Martinez, Clara Mourez, Floriane Vernhes
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: French

    After their sister’s death, two Bigoudens, keepers of the ancestral crepe recipe, organise a Great Crepe Contest to find their sister’s heir. Three candidates will clash and try to cook the best crepe.

  17. Hold Up 06:30
  18. France 2021
    Directed by: BAUER Alice, JUGE Eddie, TEDESCHI Lola, DIAS DA COSTA Lucie, LANZALOTTA FLorian, PHELIZON Perrine, THOMAS Lucie, DARCIS Anne-Lise
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Determined to hit the road for their vacation, two gangster brothers engage in a state-of-the-art holdup unaware that their opponent, a bitter gas station salesman, will be harder to take down than anticipated.

  19. Creep It Secret 06:47
  20. France 2021
    Directed by: Nathan Cauchois, Mathieu Chaillot, Gillian Francfort, Feng Jiaming, Julie Lebastard, Frédéric Plu, Nicolas Rocher
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: English

    Two twins go to a party on Halloween to offer their host a cake, but they unwillingly get carried away into the party.

  21. Cliché 05:40
  22. France 2021
    Directed by: Sophia CHEFAI, Morgane CLERC, Charlène CRUSOT, Mathis RODRIGUEZ, Mehdi LINOTTE, Pierre-Alexandre SERIS
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: English

    A guy with a very commun life becomes the witness of murder. To survive he will go through a lot of adventures that gather clichés from cinema.

  23. Bourdonnement 07:20
  24. France 2021
    Directed by: Bouron Pierre-Louis, Chataigner Zoé, Hosdez Lena, Mahieux Aude, Rohmer Mélanie, Teillet Martin
    Production/School: ESMA
    Dialogue language: French

    Luís, a married sculptor, starts to make a clay reproduction of his neighbor. He can't help but spy on her ever since he uncovered a hole in their shared wall.

  25. Bibi 04:54
  26. France 2021
    Directed by: Joséphine Carlo, Caroline, Charbonneau, Yoann Festaud, Nicolas Fimbel, Ethan Gérin, Sarah Prévert, Jenny Rodriguez
    Production/School: ESMA

    During a tournament for Viking warriors, the Chef of the Candy Clan, Ulrik, prepares Bibi, 8 y.o. Under the eye of the Champion Arfur, the challenges come one after another. For each difficulty, Bibi eats a lollipop and the arena transforms as candy. She uses it to win the challenges. Furious, Arfur steals Ulrik’s candy bag before the duel. Ulrik tries to step in, but in vain, Arfur destroys the candies in front of Bibi. She grabs a piece then faces him. He kills her.

  27. A Way Home / Un retour à la maison 06:46
  28. France 2021
    Directed by: Clélia Durris, Hsin-yu Hu, Agathe Joubert, Camille Machado, Léa Marie-Pechard, Marie Pages, Minh Dieu Thanh Pham, Manon Rosello
    Technique: 3D animation
    Music: Hassan Ali
    Production/School: ESMA Lyon
    Dialogue language: English

    Enter the journey of Isaree, a 18-year-old girl who travels in search of her own home, but while seeking shelter in a village filled with familiar traditions, that will challenge her perception of her own differences.

  29. UP 14:45
  30. Korea 2021
    Directed by: Hyeonwoo Yoo, Jeong-in An, Nakyeong Yoo
    Screenplay: Hyeonwoo Yoo, Jeong-in An, Nakyeong Yoo
    Production/School: Nakyeong Yoo
    Dialogue language: Korean

    Hangyeol and Minjun, who go to school together every morning, are two long-time friends. One day, Hangyeol is seen bullied at school. Minjun could only watch as he feared of becoming a victim himself. Knowing his friend did not stand up for him, Hangyeol is deeply disappointed at Minjun. Later, Hangyeol transfers to another school and the two grow apart. As years pass, Hangyeol and Minjun become high school students. Missing Hangyeol and the times they spent together in a drama club, Minjun decides to join the school drama club. At the club meeting, Minjun realizes Hangyeol has also joined the club. The guilt of being a bystander to bullying makes Minjun evade Hangyeol. Hangyeol, however, tries to make up with Minjun. Hangyeol and Minjun are left alone in the auditorium. They have a heart-to-heart about their traumatic past. Listening to each other’s story — that itself gives comfort and forgiveness to the wounded heart. The film ends with Hangyeol and Minjun staging a performance of their own.


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