Official Selection


United Kingdom 2021
Duration: 05:50
Directed by: Jana Kattan
Screenplay: Jana Kattan
Animation: Jana Kattan, Jesse Rist, Clara Cornish, Declan Crutchfield, Henry McLaughlin, Zeina Abu-Zayed
Technique: 2D handdrawn digital
Music: Haytham Safia
Production/School: Arts University Bournemouth
Dialogue language: Arabic, Hebrew
Subtitles language: English

Set in the occupied territory of modern-day Palestine, known as the West Bank, Checkpoint follows 11-year-old Leila, who wakes up before dawn every morning to try to get to school on time. Her obstacle is the military occupation of her environment, specifically, the notorious checkpoint she must cross every day to get to her school. Despite Leila’s best efforts to prepare, she cannot control the seemingly endless queue, or the strong possibility she will be randomly denied access to the other side.


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