Official Selection

Your Love

Canada 2021
Duration: 03:09
Directed by: Tianyou Tian
Screenplay: Tianyou Tian
Animation: Tianyou Tian
Technique: Tianyou Tian
Music: Tianyou Tian
Production/School: Tianyou Tian
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

Your Love is an original music video written, recorded,produced, performed and directed by Tianyou Tian. " Your Love" was made in memorial of one of Tianyou's childhood friend, who passed away because of Covid. It was a dark and hard time in Tianyou's life. However instead of burying himself in the deep darkness, Tianyou felt that he need to write a song to celebrates all the beautiful and memorable moments in his friend's life and to uplift all the people who are going through the pandemic and felt the deep darkness have sometimes controlled their lives. Tianyou want to encourage everyone to always see their inner light and the hope in life. Instead of writing a heartbreaking song, Tianyou want Your Love to be an uplifting song filled with hope, love and strength. "I believe in a truly bright future, and I wish everyone to rise up like phenix from the darkness and be proud of their own light and uniqueness." Tianyou said as he wrote the lyrics. Lyrics: Close my eyes and feel your breath I can feel your heart with me I know the world is falling But I never knew you will leave like that We will never be apart Holding your hands I feel our strength Feeling your love run through my vein Your will never leave my heart Your love Make me feel that I am truly free Like a bird flying across the sea We can take the galaxy express Till we reach the stars and the Milky Way Awaken from the world of chains I want to heal your broken vein I know that we will be truly free Losing my voice in the world of chains I will fight until the world is free My tear is falling from the pain They will see us Rise up from the ashes and the pain Like a phoenix flying through the flame I wasn’t happy Can you see me Can you feel me


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