Official Selection

Peel / Ecorce

Switzerland 2020
Duration: 15:07
Directed by: Samuel Patthey & Silvain Monney
Screenplay: Silvain Monney, Samuel Patthey
Animation: Silvain Monney, Samuel Patthey
Technique: drawing on paper
Music: Julien Gobet
Production/School: DOK MOBILE: Mark Olexa & Francesca Scalisi
Dialogue language: none
Subtitles language: none

In a hidden place, the daily routine of a retirement home unfolds as time seems to stand still. The penciled residents come to life on paper. Some are active, others rest or follow a fixed schedule to be repeated each day: medication, meals, games… Around them, machines are flashing, caregivers are busy and some crucifixes remind them of the death that lies in wait. Time fades away and nearby, stretches a forest.


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