Official Selection

À l'article de l'Amour

Distinction Student

France 2021
Duration: 05:29
Directed by: Clara Duvert, Margot Chauchoy, Cédric Bagein, Laure Maitrehenry, Mattéo Martinez, Julien Cabezas
Screenplay: Clara Duvert, Cédric Bagein, Julien Cabezas
Animation: Margot Chauchoy, Cédric Bagein, Laure Maitrehenry
Technique: 3D Computer
Music: Julien Bellanger
Production/School: Rubika

For her anniversary, Brigitte tries everything to get the attention of her husband, former undertaker. After discovering that the latest construction of her neighboor Martha looks like a coffin, the sole purpose of Brigitte is to steal this coffin as a gift for her husband. Maybe he will finally look at her...


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