Official Selection

Step into the River

Grand Prix "Athena" Short

France - China 2021
Duration: 14:53
Directed by: Weijia Ma
Screenplay: Weijia Ma
Animation: Joseph Roth, Jihua Zhu, Mengshi Fang, Marion Chopin, Mathilde Poigniez, Thilbault Dumoulin, Kun Yu, Ziteng Qi, Juanjuan Chen, Samuel Boulitreau, Elsa Parent, Louise Petit
Technique: 2D animation
Music: Pablo Pico
Production/School: Les Valseurs & Vilarejo Filmes

Lu and Wei live in a village in rural China. They often go to the nearby river to play with their fathers. The river has a special meaning for them because China's one-child policy has led to some parents drowning their newborns there.


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