Official Selection


Israel 2021
Duration: 03:52
Directed by: Rachel Gutgarts and Aviv Stern
Animation: Rachel Gutgarts
Technique: mixed media, 2D digital animation, Chromogenic print
Music: Aviv Stern

During the hot summer days of 2020, I Imagined myself sitting under a tin shed, looking at the rain pouring down in a puddle. Through experiments and research of Chromogenic printing I tried to recreate this moment and emotion, celebrating it’s tranquillity. The music was written with the thought of calm sound dimensions with sporadic and evolving eruptions. The sonoric development happening along the film attempts to illustrate the development of human emotion out of everyday life, mental or emotional change that can occur for various reasons such as, moving to a new city, ending a relationship, or a philosophical enlightenment regarding something great in life. This animation piece for the track 'MOVE' off the album 'Pace In Space' was made as part of a long creative dialog between musician Aviv Stern and animator Rachel Gutgarts.


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