Student 3

Saturday 18/03/2023 13:00 - 15:00 - Athens Animfest 2023 Official Screening
Sunday 19/03/2023 01:00 - 03:00 - Athens Animfest 2023 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 01:50:10

  1. Only Human 04:12
  2. United States of America 2022
    Directed by: Nolan J. Downs
    Screenplay: Nolan J. Downs
    Animation: Nolan J. Downs
    Technique: 2D Hand Drawn Digital
    Production/School: California Institute of the Arts
    Dialogue language: English

    A parasitic slug bites off more than is chewable. Absorbing the memories of its host, the slug confuses the host's life with its own, putting its identity into question.

  3. The Prejudiced Hierarchist 02:24
  4. Netherlands 2021
    Directed by: Conform Cox
    Screenplay: Conform Cox
    Animation: Conform Cox
    Music: Madhara
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    For a long time, humanity has separated itself from animality. But the more scientists know about non-human animals, the more they see similarities with humans. We need animal emancipation to go forward. This short movie makes a start in breaking down human’s hierarchical ideas about other animals, using real-life examples.

  5. Pears 05:37
  6. Israel 2021
    Directed by: Julia Trachtenberg
    Screenplay: Julia Trachtenberg
    Production/School: Julia Trachtenberg
    Dialogue language: Russian

    Yana was longing for love, but her mother had only one way of showing it, through pain.

  7. Humans are dumber when crammed up together / Les humains sont cons quand ils s'empilent 04:36
  8. France 2021
    Directed by: Laurène Fernandez
    Screenplay: Laurène Fernandez, Loriane Arribas
    Technique: Stop-motion
    Production/School: Agathe Chevrier
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    Locked up in their own apartments, some neighbors tell the camera about the little troubles of life in community. Little by little, when everything piles up, it's enough to drive one mad.
  9. Mundus 03:44
  10. United States of America 2022
    Directed by: Geyllen Qinsky
    Screenplay: Geyllen Qinsky
    Animation: Geyllen Qinsky
    Technique: Pastel on paper, cut-outs, 2D traditional, 2D digital, 3D digital
    Music: Antoni Schonken
    Production/School: Massachusetts College of Art and Design
    Dialogue language: English

    A world of photosynthetic animals, a world of transferring consciousness, and a world of projected images. What is your perfect world?
  11. In his Mercy / In seiner Gnade 11:55
  12. Germany 2022
    Directed by: Christoph Büttner
    Screenplay: Christoph Büttner
    Animation: Christoph Büttner, Amélie Müller, Carmen Gosling, Benita Bernoteit
    Technique: 3D Animation, 2D Clean Up
    Music: Louis Brückner, Marlon A. Math
    Production/School: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
    Dialogue language: German
    Subtitles language: English

    A convicted criminal is tempted into a hell of a ride through darkness by signs of grace.

  13. Under The Endless Sky 04:00
  14. Ukraine 2022
    Directed by: Alexandra Dzhiganskaya
    Screenplay: Alexandra Dzhiganskaya
    Dialogue language: English

    Our memories play an important role in the construction of identity and self-awareness. My childhood memories have acquired a special value for me since the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine, my home country. For many children, this time will become a formative memory. My childhood in Ukraine was different and I want to share it with the audience in the form of an animated short. In the film I tell a personal story about my childhood memories and explore how memories are preserved and why they have a special meaning for people.

  15. The Last Floor / Dernier Étage 05:30
  16. United Kingdom 2021
    Directed by: Milo Bonnard
    Screenplay: Milo Bonnard
    Technique: Puppet animation
    Music: Otto Marloft
    Production/School: University for the Creative Arts
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Michel's uninteresting evening takes an unexpected turn when the banality of his everyday life makes him do the unthinkable.

  17. Zadig/ Človek 04:21
  18. Slovakia 2022
    Directed by: Andrea Pátková, Adam Čurko, Viktoria Voržáčková
    Screenplay: Andrea Pátková
    Animation: Andrea Pátková
    Technique: 2D and 3D animation
    Music: Peter Lipa, David Rotter Ondrej Ruml
    Production/School: SŠUPAT
    Dialogue language: Slovak

    An animated video clip for Jazz song called Človek for Peter Lipa and David Rotter. The animated video clip is journey of an alcoholic tourist in Egypt , who is trying to runaway from his fate. The story is inspired by a folk tale based on quote from The Old testament saying “God created heaven and Earth”. Therefore hell must be place on Earth and it is upon us how we shape our path. Our main hero ends up in the same place as he was running from , but it is clearly darker and sinister…

  19. Cocoa 08:33
  20. China 2022
    Directed by: 尚兰 黄
    Screenplay: 尚兰 黄
    Animation: Shanglan Huang
    Technique: Shanglan Huang
    Music: Linyue Liu
    Production/School: South China Normal University
    Dialogue language: Chinese
    Subtitles language: English / Chinese

    Based on a realistic understanding, the story of Cocoa takes place in the autumn of primary school, focusing on the friendship between little girls. At the same time, the character of "head teacher" is designed to remind viewers of the influence of educational atmosphere on children's growth.
  21. Doll Factory 03:24
  22. Korea 2022
    Directed by: Junyoung Park
    Dialogue language: English

    Here is the doll factories. One day, some fatal errors occurred in the buildings, and a mutant came out. Her name is ‘Say’. Say had brought up by typical, mundane life such as school education, company, and religious life etc. She realized that the factory were controlling all of dolls including herself, and started to fighting for freedom. Thanks to Say, many dolls who had various egos were coming out and they could escape from the restricted system.

  23. Beyond Masks / Além das Máscaras 11:23
  24. Brazil 2022
    Directed by: Letícia Lopez Rangueri, Lucas Brassanini Flores, Carolina Bonformagio da Silva
    Screenplay: Letícia Lopez Rangueri, Lucas Brassanini Flores, Carolina Bonformagio da Silva
    Animation: Leticia Rangueri
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: Bibi Cavalcante
    Production/School: Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP)
    Dialogue language: Portuguese
    Subtitles language: English

    While playing the rivals Harlequin and Pierrot in a play, the enamored actors Tetra and Lester live a secret love offstage. Tetra takes his role harshly, maintaining his character at all times and hiding his relationship with Lester. Afraid of rejection, Tetra starts to lose his own personality and puts his relationship with Lester at risk, having no choice but to show who he really is.

  25. Tall Order 04:41
  26. United States of America 2022
    Directed by: Christophe Bouchard
    Music: Eric Pansulla
    Production/School: Brooke Gnoit, Daniel Prehm, Christophe Bouchard

    At the height of the Prohibition, an unorthodox detective takes the mafia head-on.

  27. Cycle 05:26
  28. Cyprus 2022
    Directed by: Christina Sachpazidou
    Animation: Christina Sachpazidou
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: "Toy Piano" by Wayne Jones
    Production/School: Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts / Cyprus University of Technology

    The film follows Yellow, who wakes up one night and starts their adventure to a new day's dawn.

  29. WHEN GEORGES LANDED ON WASSILY'S WORLD / Όταν ο Ζωρζ προσγειώθηκε στον κόσμο του Βασίλι 04:33
  30. Greece 2022
    Directed by: Henri, Siam, Zildjian, Hamayun, Alicia, Kristi, Rohani, Flavia, Omar, Afsar, Alex
    Screenplay: Students
    Technique: Cutout
    Music: Reverie, Pt. 2 by Lucjo
    Production/School: Cinemathesis / 40th Primary School of Athens
    Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)

    Cycles of life, love and art. The students of the Refugee and Immigrant Reception Department of the 40th Primary School of Athens created their own short animation film with visual and cinematic references. Through the game they explored color, shape, composition and the cinematic language of the pioneers Wassily Kandinsky and Georges Méliès.
  31. Together/Apart 06:53
  32. United States of America 2022
    Directed by: David Amberg
    Screenplay: David Amberg
    Animation: David Amberg
    Technique: 2D Digital
    Music: Jaimie Ann Pangan
    Production/School: University of Southern California
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    Two years after an attack, Michael and Alex are still feeling the aftershocks in their relationship. Things continue to get complicated, as Michael’s dissociations start becoming reality.
  33. Unfound / איבוד 07:47
  34. Israel 2022
    Directed by: Shahar Balfour
    Animation: Shahar Balfour
    Technique: 2D Animation
    Music: Bar Karti
    Production/School: Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    "A Little girl sets to explore a wondrous darkening street as evening falls, not noticing she was left alone. An old lady loses her way inside her own home, where memory crumbles and familiar space becomes foreign and threatening. In two parallel timelines, both characters lose their way as they wander on a journey between reality and imagination. "
  35. The Sirens still singing 11:11
  36. Greece 2022
    Directed by: Student Group "Myth, Music & Animation", Matina Venetiadou
    Screenplay: Writers: Konstantina Tabourantzi, Nikolaos Bablekis, Dimitra Valianou
    Animation: Ageliki Karadima, Eleftheria Dalla, Dimitra Vallianou, Konstantina Tabouradji, Danae Arianoutsou, Artemis Griva, Despina Astraki, Tatiana Gotski, Irini Kanellopoulou, Raphael Kassoumou, Aella Paraskevopoulou, Ketevan Tsakalidou, Marianthi Tsironi
    Technique: Stop Motion Animation
    Music: Matina Venetiadou
    Production/School: Matina Venetiadou/ Athens High School of Arts (Καλλιτεχνικό Γυμνάσιο Αθηνών)
    Dialogue language: Modern Greek (1453-)
    Subtitles language: English, French

    Somewhere out there, in mythological time, two worlds - islands floating in the same sea... One world is that of the Sirens, the hybrid female creatures of the wild sea and the other world is a society of typical humans, of gloom, oppression, separation and war. Colours intertwine with black, healing songs are born for sailors wandering on the magical and difficult journey of life. The feminine principle struggles to find and initiate her power through her song. But where is this song born? Is it somewhere there on the outskirts of Hades, at the bottom of the human soul and the sea? All that is left of the confrontation with death is the song. It is the symbol of a struggle for life itself, an initiation into the power of the woman who transforms. She shares wings, love and songs. But who, will extend his hand to receive the gifts of life? This is a film dedicated to all people with a feminine soul who fight in the darkest corners and like weavers, they courageously spin a better world.

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