Short 9

Friday 29/03/2024 13:00 - 15:00 - Athens Animfest 2024 Official Screening
Saturday 30/03/2024 01:00 - 03:00 - Athens Animfest 2024 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 01:39:55

  2. France 2023
    Directed by: ERWAN LE GAL
    Screenplay: ERWAN LE GAL
    Animation: Erwan Le Gal
    Technique: Drawings and color by hand. 2D Compositing.
    Production/School: ERWAN LE GAL
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    Isabelle is a violinist-beekeeper in the Ouessant island. She protect her bees and she inspire her daughter with stories and legend about honey bees....

  3. Hate Machine 02:54
  4. France 2023
    Directed by: THÉO LENOBLE
    Animation: Théo Lenoble
    Technique: 2D animation
    Music: Hate Machine
    Production/School: Louisahhh & Maelstrom
    Dialogue language: English

    In the society of spectacle, humans try to seek the truth, but this may not be found in the illusion of machines.
  5. Sulayman 08:04
  6. Philippines 2023
    Directed by: Blog Caliguia
    Screenplay: Blog Caliguia
    Dialogue language: Tagalog

    A warrior confronts a mysterious menace from the forest in order to protect his village.

  7. not A fairy tale 02:53
  8. Poland 2023
    Directed by: Malgorzata Rybak
    Screenplay: Malgorzata Rybak
    Animation: Malgorzata Rybak
    Technique: cutouts, 2D
    Production/School: Malgorzata Rybak
    Dialogue language: English

    Extraordinary skills of a street lamp initiated by some unexpected non-human visitors. Believe it or not, it’s a true story. And it’s very unlikely to happen again.

  9. The Hounds of Annwn 08:23
  10. United Kingdom 2023
    Directed by: Beth B Hughes, Bryony Evans
    Screenplay: Beth B Hughes
    Production/School: Lauren Orme, Picl Animation
    Dialogue language: Welsh

    A wounded warrior returns to their village but is hunted by a pack of dogs. After a desperate pursuit, they confront their past to find peace in their future.
  11. Boba Girls 02:35
  12. United States of America 2023
    Directed by: Sydney Chen
    Screenplay: Sydney Chen
    Animation: 2D
    Music: K-Pop
    Production/School: Kaitlin Goldstein, University of Southern California
    Dialogue language: English, Korean
    Subtitles language: English

    A 2D animated original K-Pop music video about how a trip to get boba milk tea takes two girlfriends on a wild fantasy adventure across Hollywood.

  13. A Crab in the Pool / Un trou dans la poitrine 11:11
  14. Canada 2023
    Directed by: Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel
    Screenplay: Jean-Sébastien Hamel, Alexandra Myotte
    Animation: Alexandra Myotte
    Production/School: Jean-Sébastien Hamel, Alexandra Myotte
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    In a run-down neighborhood, Zoe and her little brother Theo are left to fend for themselves. A young adolescent, Zoe is a ball of anger haunted by an intimate terror. Theo, still a child, flees reality into a fantastical world. During a scorching summer day, the two children will have to burst the abscess of their relationship so as not to lose each other.

  15. Wait for me in a dream / Czekaj na mnie we śnie 14:56
  16. Poland 2023
    Directed by: Natalia Durszewicz
    Screenplay: Natalia Durszewicz
    Animation: Natalia Durszewicz
    Technique: 2d animation
    Music: Sebastian Ładyżyński
    Production/School: FUMI Studio
    Dialogue language: Polish
    Subtitles language: English

    Wait for me in a dream is a poetic story about an elderly married couple shown with the use of painterly animation. Isolated from the world and condemned to loneliness, Bronka and Zygfryd experience a slow defragmentation of their reality caused by the woman's illness and the adversities associated with it. On their final journey, they experience moments of regret, pain and even repulsion. However, for all their worth they try to remember the love that used to last between them.
  17. The Cabbage Miracle 15:54
  18. Russia 2023
    Directed by: Inna Evlannikova
    Screenplay: Inna Evlannikova
    Animation: Tamara Baghdadi, Anastasia Ulyanitskaya, Olga Petukhova, Inna Evlannikova, Tatyana Podgorskaya
    Technique: Hand-drawn, cutout
    Music: Artem Fadeev
    Production/School: Nikolay Makovsky
    Dialogue language: Russian
    Subtitles language: English

    Adapted from the collection of short stories Detstvo 49 (Childhood-49) by L. Ulitskaya. This is a film about children from the same yard, which took place in the post-war years. About love and children`s fears. About childhood which is still childhood despite all the hardships of life.

  19. The Magic Violet Rabbit / 魔法の紫ウサギ 13:05
  20. Japan 2023
    Directed by: Kotoko Nakamura
    Screenplay: Kotoko Nakamura
    Animation: Kotoko Nakamura
    Technique: Kotoko Nakamura
    Production/School: Kotoko Nakamura
    Subtitles language: English, Japanese

    To escape from his dull life, a man wishes to become a wizard. He wants to be a "real" wizard, not a "fake" one.

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